Nice Colossal Murals
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Nice Colossal Murals

Large murals are probably my favorite type of project.  Every time one comes around life seems to become sunnier, and the bigger the mural the better my disposition.  My ambition to paint the colossal knows no bounds.

You may be wondering what the appeal such monstrous murals have for me?  What’s not to love?

Most artists look forward to the moment when they can set their brushes aside, declare it finished, and turn it over to the public to be lauded or disdained.  We expect it to be viewed by many, the more the better, throngs would be nice.  This desire to have our work viewed and admired is as natural as a chef wanting his food tasted and savored or a furniture maker his couches reclined upon.  Well, a nice colossal mural is just the thing for me in this regards.  A smaller piece of artwork gets locked away in someone’s obscure living room where it disappears forever, never to be seen again, but a large scale mural proclaims its creation to thousands and tens of thousands and it’s opportunity for reach is nearly limitless.

Another reason is the peace.  I absolutely love being thirty or sixty feet in the air where nothing, except my cell phone if I choose, can disturb me.  Even the sound of construction machinery or highway noise becomes soothing background, because as loud as it can be, it does not interrupt. It’s my little getaway.

The final reason, because three examples are critical to proving a point, is the work.  It’s just good hard work to paint on a large scale.  Though I occasionally enjoy delving into a nice piece of fine art at my easel, too much of that sort of work leaves me feeling lethargic and sick from inactivity.  Hard work for me has always been much more satisfying as well as beneficial; most recently I lost thirty five pounds painting an 8,000 sq. ft. mural for Metro National in Houston, Texas over the course of two and a half months.  Keep in mind that I did this on purpose.  I knew going into the project that it would be physically strenuous and, in conjunction with the heat and a good diet, I allowed nature to do it’s work. After a couple of months, the city of Houston, Texas was a little culturally richer and I a lot lighter.

So to any of you out there looking to have a large mural done, send it my way — I eat ‘em up, and if it’s just a small mural, that’s ok too, they make great snacks.

Large Forest Mural

Houston Forest Mural

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  1. Finding you on the web is serendipitous and I admire your passion for creating large format murals!
    I’m reaching out to gauge your interest in working on a large format mural.
    My passion is rooted in a God given gift for artistic conceptualization, strong communication skills and a penchant for networking.
    My specialty is caricature maps, however I’m seizing the opportunity to expand on my professional capabilities.
    I seek to carve out a niche as an interpretive “concierge.”
    You would be my first foray into this area.
    Summarily, I seek to create a business that hinges on connecting potential clients to artists.
    Currently I sell cartooned maps. However, I want to segue into a more personally satisfying area.
    My dream is to help people “breathe life” into their vision… moving an idea to reality.
    The mission – if you choose to accept – is briefly encapsulated below.
    The mural is part of an on-going conversation that I want to close by the end of this month (April 2015).
    Here are a few of the parameters…
    The location of the mural is Bolingbrook, IL
    The size is 1400 square foot
    The surface is louvered aluminum siding
    The preferred media is airbrush
    The preferred style is collage
    The mural would include up to 40 separate images that tie in to a single theme
    A single sponsor’s building and logo – that does not relate to the theme – would have to be worked into the collage

    Important Note: I’ve never worked on a mural before, so I’m excited by this challenge!

    Really looking forward to hearing from you! Praying I’ve piqued your interest!

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