Unexplored Worlds
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Unexplored Worlds

I’ve really taken a shine to painting black light murals.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what I mean by black light murals; black light murals only show up under ultra violet lights.  It’s possible to paint an entire mural that disappears the instant the UV lights are turned off. You have probably seen them in miniature golf settings or are at least familiar with black lights and the cool way they make your teeth, eyeballs, and clothing glow.  By the way, the reason your clothing glows is that most detergents use phosphors to make your clothing appear whiter

Now, about my fascination with black light murals; I think one of the reasons is that they are fairly unexplored territory.  Traditional art, in all honesty, doesn’t do it for me.  By my nature, I like new and unexpected results.  I like to explore and find my own art.  I might not be so interested in black light murals if I’d already seen a lot of them and felt that the medium was already explored and conquered, but it’s not and I think that what is possible with it is mind bending.

So when I am fortunate enough to land a commission on a subject matter that I am fascinated by, I try to make the most of it to learn and develop even as I go.  Here are some of my latest results along with some of my past work.

Black light mural of an astronaut by eulojio ortega

Black light mural of an astronaut by eulojio ortega


Black Light Mural by Eulojio Ortega

Black Light Space Mural by Eulojio Ortega



Black Light space mural by Eulojio Ortega

Chicago muralist Eulojio Ortega paints ultra realistic black light murals

About Eulojio Ortega

Eulojio Ortega has painted hundreds of murals and commissioned artwork since 2003 and is available for travel anywhere. Connect with him on Google+

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  1. fae lynch says:

    as you know i always love your work. these are truly spectacular..keep on doin it


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