A Door That Opens Doors
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A Door That Opens Doors


When it comes to opportunity, keys don’t open doors — doors open doors.  Actually, that just sounded catchy and I wanted to use it, but it happens to be  true.

I have found that key moments that lead to opportunity are very rare, so if you’re waiting for that crucial moment to materialize out of thin air, it’s actually much more likely that it will arrive via a previous door that you’ve already been through, so make that door count.

One of the big doors for me was a mural project for Metea Valley high school in Aurora IL. — and I had to pry that sucker open.

When Metea Valley called to interview me, and even though it was they who had called me, I still had to sell myself.  The reason was that few clients before Metea had wanted anything as large, and certainly not as dramatic and powerful as what a high school mural required. There were concerns about my ability to take on such a large and differing project from anything I had done before; I’d been doing a lot of residential and restaurant murals, but they were comprised of sweet nursery scenes, jungles, italian landscapes, tropical skies, etc.

I recall putting together a presentation that showcased my thought process through several previous murals.  I walked my interviewers through the sketch phases up until the finished pieces, wanting to impress with them that regardless of the subject matter, what really mattered was that I knew how to approach and finish their mural.  A few days later, I got the call to go ahead.

So the door was opened to me, and I did my absolute best with the budget and time frame I was given.  The preperation included sketches, color studies and even going to a clients ranch to photograph real horses and later sculpting one out of clay as a reference for the mural.  This was the first chance I’d ever had to create this type of mural and I was going to make sure that it would stand as an example to future clients wanting this type of work.

I look back on this mural as one I am very proud of and, just as importantly, I can say it has become a door that opens doors.

Large desert horse mural

High School Gym Mural


Large Horse Mural

Large Scale Horse Mural

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