My Approach

My approach to murals, and to any project, is to develop a good understanding of why it is  being created.

At the first meeting with a new client, we usually discuss the desired effect of the artwork – whether it is meant to be dramatic, strong, peaceful, lighthearted, or any other theme.  I try to take everything into account, including the clients taste, the space, the surrounding colors and anything else that might lend itself.   It’s all about narrowing down the possibilties to create one perfect mural that exceeds expectations.

After establishing a budget and timeline for the project, I go back to my studio and work on various various designs and ideas.  I do this by a combination of color boards, sketches, and even Photoshop renderings of what the space will actually look like with the finished mural.

Once the client approves a concept, a deposit is set and a date on the schedule is reserved.

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Chicago Muralist Football Mural

About Eulojio Ortega

Eulojio Ortega has painted hundreds of murals and commissioned artwork since 2003 and is available for travel anywhere. Connect with him on Google+