Black Light Murals

Black light murals have the potential to be the most beautiful, and realisitic murals you’ll ever see, and most likely, you’ve never seen even one to do the art form justice.  The reason is that it’s just not easy to paint a black light mural, and few have the experience to handle the special paint in the way that is required to take advantage of it’s singular properties.  I approach a black light mural exactly as I do a regular mural.  I build up layers of color and  treat the artwork with all the grace of a fine art painting.  The finished product is a realistic mural that literally radiates light and forms a level of depth completely unattainable by regular paint methods.  The images on this site can give you a sense of what I mean, but a camera is simply unable to capture the unique spectrum of colors you’d see in person, and the depth must be seen to be believed.

Here’s What Greg, the owner of Fore Family Fun in Oswego, Il., had to say about a project I did for him:

“I hired Mr. Ortega to do a large project for me in the spring of 2011. The project was a large blacklight mural that covered approximately 6000 sq feet.  I can tell you that I am completely amazed at the result. The mural has really made my facility stand out above the rest. I constantly get customers that are blown away by the mural. The 3 dimensional look of the mural is very impressive. Most of my customers do not believe me that what they are looking at is a flat surface. Mr. Ortega worked very hard throughout the process and I was impressed with his professionalism. If you have a project large or small I would highly recommend Mr. Ortega.”


Chicago Mural Studio Black Light Turtle Mural

Chicago Mural Studio Black Light Turtle Mural

About Eulojio Ortega

Eulojio Ortega has painted hundreds of murals and commissioned artwork since 2003 and is available for travel anywhere. Connect with him on Google+