Evening Park Mural
1st Jan 2016Posted in: Blog, Murals for the home 0

One of my favorite dining room murals from several years ago. It was just a lovely scene for an elegant space.  Sadly, the mural was completed during a very wintery season and every shot I tried to take of it was washed out from the reflected brightness of the snow outside. I thought I had no good images […]

A Good Year
28th Nov 2015Posted in: Blog 1

As the warm weather was ending in October,and even though there were several months left, it felt like the year was coming to a close. It has been a busy year. Aside from my local workload, I have traveled out of state quite a bit, doing some murals for Cabela’s Outdoor Outfitters and another large […]

Car Showroom Mural
14th Oct 2014Posted in: Blog 0

This car room comes complete with a lift to lower the cars to the basement level, and when I say basement, I want you to picture an in ground  pool, wine room, bar area, billiards area, kitchen – and let’s not forget the car showroom. The showroom, as previously stated, is in the basement, and […]

A Tasteful Mural
18th Apr 2013Posted in: Blog, Murals 0

Having a mural painted in your home is never commonplace, and when it’s done it is usually in a kid’s room, a basement, or an area that can be designated as more relaxed, but murals are generally not thought of for main rooms – not usually.   One of my favorite murals, done for two […]

Trompe L’oeil Stone Witch
25th Nov 2012Posted in: Blog 0

A trompe l’oeil stone witch painted as part of a complimentary work for one of my favorite clients. see the blog post here

Unexplored Worlds
1st Oct 2012Posted in: Blog 1

I’ve really taken a shine to painting black light murals. For those of you who aren’t quite sure what I mean by black light murals; black light murals only show up under ultra violet lights.  It’s possible to paint an entire mural that disappears the instant the UV lights are turned off. You have probably […]

Nice Colossal Murals
19th Jul 2012Posted in: Blog 1

Large murals are probably my favorite type of project.  Every time one comes around life seems to become sunnier, and the bigger the mural the better my disposition.  My ambition to paint the colossal knows no bounds. You may be wondering what the appeal such monstrous murals have for me?  What’s not to love? Most […]

A Door That Opens Doors
30th Jun 2012Posted in: Blog 0

  When it comes to opportunity, keys don’t open doors — doors open doors.  Actually, that just sounded catchy and I wanted to use it, but it happens to be  true. I have found that key moments that lead to opportunity are very rare, so if you’re waiting for that crucial moment to materialize out […]

Commissioned Oil Portraits
3rd Mar 2012Posted in: Blog 0

Even though I had been drawing black and white charcoal and pencil portraits in college, I didn’t seriously move on to doing actual oil portraits until a couple of years after I had graduated.  I was already somewhat comfortable with oil paint and I began taking on small commissioned oil portraits, in the Chicago area, […]

Chicago Muralist Tournament Design
24th Feb 2012Posted in: Blog 0

When I’m not painting murals, I try to make sure that I’m doing something that is somehow related to art; it’s a good way to stay creative and learn new things that can often apply to future murals and other projects.   A couple of months ago I was approached to do a couple of […]