Dentist Office Mural
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Dentist Office Mural

Being a muralist often requires working in tight spaces, tall spaces, cold spaces, hot spaces, all kinds of spaces… even, occassionally, outer spaces.

I’m working on a mural for a dentist office in Naperville, IL,  that falls into the category of dark, tight spaces.  The wall I’m painting on is in a hallway, outside of the entrance to the waiting room.  When the mural is finished, I will paint the name, slogan, and website of the dentist over the landscape, … and no one will even notice the fire alarm, emergency light, and wall plate…

The fact that the hall is a tight space is one of the reasons for the mural.  I am trying to open up the area and replace the gloomy, closed in feeling, with an open and pleasant atmosphere.

Already the depth and mood have been established, and once that is in place, the rest is gravy.

Here are three pics of the mural in progress.  I’ll be adding the finished mural within the next few posts.

Also, I just added a Twitter feed (on the bottom right of this page), so you can follow me on my muralist adventures and see the progress pics of any project I’m currently working on.

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Eulojio Ortega, Chicago Muralist


Chicago Muralist dentist office mural

Chicago Muralist dentist office mural


Chicago Muralist dentist office mural

Chicago Muralist dentist office mural


Muralist Landscape mural

Chicago Muralist Dentist Office Mural

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