Finished Mural in Dentist’s Office
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Finished Mural in Dentist’s Office

A bit back I posted on the progress of a mural I was painting in a Naperville dentists office between Christmas and New Year’s.  I’ve decided to post the finished piece in a video (I opened a Youtube account specifically for this purpose and here are my first fruits for your viewing delight.)  The mural was meant to open up the area and give a focal point to what was an otherwise bleak and oppressed space.  I think it turned out successful and the video gives a better sense of the mural’s depth.

Originally the Mural was meant to serve as a backdrop for some lettering that would advertise the dentist’s name and slogan.  The day before I was supposed to put in the lettering, the dentist’s wife came in and saw the mural and decided the lettering would ruin it.  She wanted to leave it as a fine art piece and told me she would talk to her husband.  He agreed and the lettering never went up –  I have to be honest here;  I was pretty sure this was going to happen before she ever came in and saw the mural.  It’s happened before with other clients,… and it’ll happen again.

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  1. Karla says:

    How long did it take you to complete this mural (which is beautiful! by the way). I am an author currently writing a story which features a trompe l’oeil artist and any insight you might wish to share with me – day in the life sort of thing – would be greatly appreciated.

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